Saturday, August 21, 2010


i'm sitting at sweet momma's house back in Russellville watching my DVR'd episodes of Drop Dead Diva. i seriously love that show. ["why don't you marry it?!" I think I will...thank you very much.] i don't have cable at my house, so i get excited when i come to momma's and get to watch triple D. Lifetime always comes through for me.

i'm at momma's yet again looking for more than some television entertainment. this time i'm looking for consistency. i've come to realize that in the last 6 months the only consistent thing in my life in Fayetteville is the house i live in. and i'm still struggling to feel like it's my house.

so i find myself being drawn to what has been consistent in my life. that is Russellville, sweet momma, our home, Tech [it's move-in day. what memories of my move-in days], dear friends, and the christmas tree that has been standing strong in momma's living room since last christmas. [how's that for consistent]

even though i'm longing for a bit of consistency, the last week has been one full of memories that will carry my inconsistent self a long way.
[this is shane. isn't he handsome? no, really. it's him]
last saturday i attended a friend's going away party. my dear friend, shane, left this past wednesday to go to the big SK [that's cool speak for south korea] for a year. what a brave man. i admire so much about him as it is, but to add his almost reckless attempt to do something he has wanted for almost 2 years. i am so proud of you, shane, and so blessed by your friendship. i haven't cried over his absence. that's a huge deal. i cried at that cell phone commercial where the football player finds a missing dog and returns it to just the cutest little girl ever. to say i'm emotional would be the world's greatest understatement. but i like to think my over emotional self makes up for those who seem to have lost all emotion. i'm helping the world out, really.

after the party a few of us didn't want the night to end quite yet, so we drove out to a friend's family's farm. we drove a beat up old truck to the middle of a pasture sans cows. [sans = without. i just googled it. don't overestimate my vocabulary. i just wanted to make this blog have a little class] we took some blankets and laid out there all night. i'm serious, we slept in a pasture. i saw a few rear ends. [boys, of course] and shared memories with them that will always be with me. it was a good parting gift for shane. and just a big fat gift of goodness for the rest of us.

i would like to share how a bird ended up flying free in my house this week. but i feel that deserves it's own post entirely. i'll take care of that until then anticipation might have to suffice.


  1. I love the look of your blog!! So bright and cheery!

  2. i absolutely love reading your writing... no calming to me.