Friday, August 27, 2010

my porch.

I am not one of those girls whose life looks like something out of a magazine or HGTV. Until I moved out on my own, my room was covered in piles of clothes/books/hangers/shoes/probably food. So it's just been recently that I have become mindful of my surroundings and understand that it's alright to spend time making the place I live the place I love.

[some background on that concept: my mother has longed for a old house she can remodel and just simply fall in love with. a few years back i found this ad in a magazine that said "make the place you live, the place you love." of course it was an ad for sherwin williams or bedding from martha stewart. But none the less, I took it to heart and knew that mom would appreciate it. I took it out and framed it, nothing fancy. Just something to keep as a reminder. For her birthday this year I made a painting with the saying on there. She loved it. I love making her happy. That's so sappy. But I love my momma. Oh, and to end this on a cute note, mom is finally about to close on her cute little old house that she can fall in love with. I'm so proud of that woman. [i know you're reading this, momma.keep your head up. you will own that house soon!]

Gracious, that was quite a rabbit I chased there. My apologies. 

However, all of that is to say, on this night I have found myself enjoying a cool night on my porch. Bloggin' it up. I have been blessed to be living in the house that I am. I was given the task of painting my house a few months ago. [yes, months] The outside of my house. I gladly took the job on because I just love to paint! .....Not so much anymore. I finally finished! I don't have pictures uploaded just yet. I will get that to you soon. With the painting done, I spent yesterday cleaning off the porches and drive way. It's so satisfying to see the end result. Tomorrow I plan on mowing the yard and getting the fire pit ready.

Oh, how I love fire pit season. I'm in a significantly better mood when it's fire pit season than any other time of the year. I'm smiling now just thinking about it!

So here's to fire pits, football season [hello, arkansas razorbacks], 
citronella candles and good paint jobs.

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