Tuesday, August 3, 2010

girls just wanna have fun.

i love having fun.

in the simplest form of that statement. i just love having fun. i like being around people who are fun. i want my life to be fun. and it's safe to say, so far, my 23 years on earth have been pretty fun. and a girl just wants to have fun. [you know i had to reference that song]

don't get be wrong. i don't want anyone to misinterpret my idea of fun. i feel like there might be this irresponsible/immature connotation to the word "fun." that's not the fun i'm talking about. i'm talking about all that comes with fun. even the hard stuff.

when i say fun...i think of family reunions, getting in food fights, making dinner for friends, crying with my mom, talking my dog for walks, getting lost with friends, going fishing, losing a job, writing letters to friends, painting my house, feeling so far away from friends, watching mediocre movies in theaters that smell like hot dogs, throwing plates off the side of a mountain, sitting in a hospital waiting room for 10 hours, and teaching a boy how to cook so he'll teach me how to change my oil.

that's fun to me. that's life to me. i would love to laugh more than i cry. but i also realize i cry when i laugh...almost every time.

i started thinking about this whole "fun" thing tonight when i was doing a little blog reading and stumbled across this wonderful woman and her husband who have been married for 5 years...and they have fun. i mean...a lot of fun.[today's letters. check it out, seriously] i love that. i started thinking about how i want my marriage to be. i want it to be fun. i know it's naive of me to think every day is going to end with a food fight at dinner and a pillow fight before bed. i know i will want to punch him in the face a few times. [whoever "him" is...he'll be a good man] but i want to have fun with him.

i started a journal to him when i was in high school. a journal to my future husband. i think all girls should do that. i've enjoyed it so much. i know he will too. i fight back feeling a little embarrassed when thinking about what he'll think when he reads how "fun" i was in high school. oh gracious. i was so awkward. but hey, when i give it to him on our wedding day...we'll be done hitched! and he'll be with me forever.

man oh man...what a day that will be.


  1. YAY for a fun marriage! It is one of the best pieces of advice I give new couples. Don't take each other too seriously and cut each other all kinds of slack.

  2. i think the same thing about my journal.