Friday, July 16, 2010

home is where His heart is.

my trip home has been beyond therapeutic. it's been so nice to be reminded that my world has not crumbled to the ground, my life is still good and my love is still worth giving.

being around friends has been the kick in my pants i've needed. [a not so violent kick in the pants. a love kick, if you will]

being alone in Fayetteville has given me plenty of time to believe the lies Satan was telling me. i forgot that i am and will continue to be a product of the Glory of God at work.

i got fired.

so what.

i have no idea why. i wasn't given a reason. and i only see 5 minutes in front of me. God sees it all and He had a reason for taking me out of that situation and putting me where I am. had I not lost my job, I wouldn't have been able to go to Super Summer. and i can say without a doubt, i made friendships this year that will last a lifetime, memories that i will never forget, and through camp, God began revealing to me His plan. a very small  part of His plan, but part of it none the less.

so tomorrow i go back to Fayetteville with my big girl britches on and i'm going to do this with God's help. i pray He gives me favor for the jobs i apply for and that i see where He wants to place me.

i'm really excited to see what's next. and that's so nice to say...and feel.


  1. Good luck job hunting! He will work it out perfectly for you, so don't give up!

    Ps. I am glad to know you read my blog. :)