Wednesday, July 28, 2010

disney channel love.

can i tell you how much i love being a nanny to these kids? okay, great. thanks.

i love being a nanny to these kids.

i am in love with this family. it has been such a blessing to find myself becoming a part of this family and getting the chance to get to know what life looks like for them.

my first week was exciting and scary at the same time. scary only because who doesn't fear a 3 year old boy (who wants to marry selena gomez) hating you for knocking over his blocks? i'll be the first to admit, it takes a toll on my 23 year old pride when a child doesn't like me. even if it is for giving them juice when they wanted mt. dew. [side note: i am a little concerned with the disney channel as of late. i'm glad the jonas brothers are still sporting their purity rings, but why do 14 year old girls look like they're 27? not okay.]

the last two weeks have been so interesting. i've learned a lot about how i handle situations. the good and bad. i handled some situations better than others. what can ya do? i try not to make the same mistake twice. a girl can only do so  much. good thing God can do more.

i have tomorrow off. i'm excited about this. i am taking a trip to fort smith to see some friends i haven't seen in far too long. i think i appreciate my friendships more lately. i realize that having friends takes a lot of effort now that i'm not in college anymore. people are scattered...and it takes WORK to keep up. so i appreciate it so much when someone makes effort to see me. i hate that i'm 2-4 hours away from most of my friends. i wish i wasn't, but at the same time. i'm where i need to be and don't take the times we are together for granted anymore.

i always want someone to know how thankful i am they have allowed me to be in their life. 
in whatever capacity happens naturally. 
[sometimes it's forced...and ya gotta just "lettigo!" a little Reba quote to spice it up a little.]
Van: I've got two words for you Mrs.H: let-it go
 Reba: Van thats three words 
Van: Not the way i say it: letitgo.

i felt so scattered today. i'm pretty sure that came through in the incredibly cohesive post. but i appreciate that you read this...all 3 of you.  


  1. i posted a comment to you earlier but now it's not here. let's try again:

    i'm so excited that this job opportunity has worked out for you! it sounds so fun and a joyful job to be apart of.

    ps- it makes my day that you just referenced the jo bros AND a reba quote in this post. love it.

  2. :) i love the words that God gives you.