Tuesday, April 20, 2010

peas and carrots.

I never know what is about to come out of my finger tips when I begin to write. [figuratively, not literally, of course]

I want to sound cool, well spoken, artistic, deep, witty, original, hilarious, and intelligent with a dash of sarcasm.

Doesn't everyone? I will be the first to admit my desire to make myself look incredibly attractive over a blog. And it all started with Xanga crushes. Oh gracious...I can't tell you how many boys I would have walked down the aisle with, simply because they sounded cool on Xanga. [only if their picture was up to my standards, obviously] Back when there was no Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or blogging. Seriously...what good times. [I say this as I contemplate a better title for my blog]

I can promise you this, I won't ever have pictures of the awesome stuff I make/cook/sew/knit/bake/do. My life doesn't translate well into pictures. But I'm thankful the fullness of my life isn't judged by the pictures I am in.

So here I am. Recent college graduate. A degree in journalism [emphasis in public relations]. Moving out of my mother's house to Fayetteville. I am looking for a job and a place to live. And I don't know if I could be in a better place. That's a nice thing to say.

So whether or not I accomplished my desire of looking awesome, that is the first of many attempts. [oh dear. if that ever becomes a goal of mine, please, make me eat an onion. i hate onions.]

January 30, 2010

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